Frequently Asked Questions

What medium will you use to complete my commission?  Most commissions are completed using high quality oil paints and using traditional techniques. Most are painted upon Canvas, Wood or Slate. Some paintings may be completed using Acrylic paint and in some cases you may request a portrait to be done in Chalk and Charcoal.

How long will it take to complete a painting?  The length of time required to complete a painting can vary hugely, depending upon materials, subject matter, detail required and of course the length of the current waiting list. All timescales will be discussed with you when you place your order.

Do I have to pay a deposit?   Yes. A minimum deposit of 20% is payable upon acceptance of your order and must be payed before any work commences. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance will become due upon completion and must be received before delivery. We are confident that you will be happy with your completed painting, as Jon has an outstanding record of success, however in the unusual event that you do not wish to purchase your painting upon completion, your deposit will be retained and the painting will remain the artists property and will be used for display purposes and may be sold.

How do I pay for my painting?   Payment of both your deposit and your final balance can be made in a variety of ways.  We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. We will accept cheques, made payable to Jon Webster  (However work will not commence, nor delivery be made until the cheque has cleared.) Cash payments must be made in person.

How will delivery be made? Delivery details are dependant upon your location. Local clients may opt to have their painting delivered in person.  For those living further afield within the UK, or those living Overseas  paintings will be securely delivered by either Royal Mail or a reputable courier service, using tracking details to help ensure your painting reaches you safely. These charges will of course vary. We will endeavour to give you an accurate estimate at the time of your enquiry

My animal would never sit still. Does he have to pose in person for a painting?  No. All pet portraits are completed from photographs. You simply email them to us here. If you have no suitable digital photographs and wish to send printed photographs then these can be mailed to us using Royal Mail's Recorded Delivery Service. All original photos will be returned with your finished painting.  If you live within the Somerset or nearby area, we can arrange to visit and take photographs for a small fee, plus fuel costs. please see our Price Guide for more details.

What type pf photographs can I send?  When sending digital photographs to us by email you will need to try and send them to us in the largest size you have available and all should be in raw or jpeg format. The more photographs you can send of your subject the better, as it helps greatly to have more than one photograph to refer to, even if you wish a specific photograph to be the main one used. Many people prefer to send a variety of photographs and leave it to Jon to decide which one would lend itself best to becoming an Oil painting.

My photograph may not be suitable or is old /damaged and I cannot take any more. Can you help?    If you email or post the photograph to us, Jon will take a look and will advise you if a painting could be completed from the available material.

Can I have more than one subject in a painting?  Yes. If your photograph contains more than one subject. Or if you wish Jon can combine multiple subjects. from separate photographs into a tasteful montage. Prices for these will vary accordingly. Please contact us for more information.

Will you display my painting on your website? Yes. In most cases we will display your finished painting in one of our online galleries. If you do not wish your painting displayed, or you are giving it as a gift and do not wish it displayed until it is in the hands of the intended recipient then you must tell us when you place your commission.

Can I make prints of my painting or use it commercially?  No. Although you retain the copyright of any photographs you may send us, the copyright of the painting remains the property of the artist and we retain all reproduction rights. If you require a piece of art for commercial use please contact us for more details.

Any questions not answered here can be emailed to us and we will be in contact as soon as possible.